Yorkshire: Hepworth, Moore and the Landscape

Saturday 30 April Sunday 18 September 2016

Commissioned Yorkshire photo, 1964

As The Hepworth Wakefield marks its 5th birthday, this exhibition celebrates the artistic heritage of Wakefield and Yorkshire with a major display of paintings from the Wakefield Permanent Art Collection, and key works by Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.

These great British sculptors grew up in Yorkshire and were both famously influenced by local landscapes. Moore spoke of early encounters with rocky outcrops, the ‘big, bleak lump of stone set in the landscape’, while Hepworth recalled, ‘moving through and over the West Riding landscape with my father in his car, the hills were sculptures; the roads defined the forms’.

The Yorkshire landscape is an enduring inspiration for artists, and we invite you to see Hepworth and Moore’s sculptures amidst scenes of this beautiful region painted by David Hockney, John Inigo Richards (1731 – 1810), Philip Reinagle (1749 – 1833) and Edna Ginesi (1902 – 2000) among others.

Photograph: Rocks above Ilkley, West Yorkshire, photographs of Yorkshire commissioned by Hepworth in 1964. Photography Lee Sheldrake, Penwith Photo Press. Courtesy Bowness, Hepworth Estate.

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