Alice Channer

16 Feb – 12 May 2013

Alice Channer

Alice Channer (born 1977, Oxford, UK) presented a new body of figurative work created especially for The Hepworth Wakefield.

Collectively entitled Invertebrates, the works were arranged as a long, low, horizontal spine that loosely took its form from the horizontal, curving skeletons of snakes and other reptiles. Her work also took inspiration from invertebrate jellyfish, squid and other deep-sea boneless life forms that have a recognisable form but are dependent on their aquatic environment to provide their body-shape and function.

Artist Alice Channer with Invertebrates, 2013

Through the modification of flat surfaces by pleating, curving, stretching and contracting, Channer explores sculptural properties of volume, dimension and weight. This is further developed through the play of materials in her works whereby solids will be used in their liquid or ‘invertebrate’ state. Stainless steel, silk, aluminium, perspex, bronze, elastic, marble, polyurethane resin and hi-tech lamé, are presented as liquids that clot, thin, coagulate, melt and solidify.

Visitors observe Invertebrates on opening night

Alice Channer and The Hepworth Wakefield comissioned writer Kari Rittenbach to create a poem entitled Invertebrates, click here to read the full poem.

Exhibition supported by The Henry Moore Foundation