Franz West: In the Press

Apollo Magazine

'...West’s affinity with Hepworth is clearest: in their shared commitment to making and the transformation of brute material into something meaningful, however ambiguous or elusive that meaning, however much it might slip away back into the river like the ghost of a thought.'

Mousse Magazine

'From the twelve divans of the 1993/1995 Ordinary language to NYCNAC (2008), an artwork you can hold and even put on your head, should you feel the urge, adaptives and installation pieces that can withstand handling will be spread across the gallery rooms. Touch them while you can.'


'...West’s brilliant crumbly multi-coloured lumps of papier-mâché poised proud throughout the permanent collection of Hepworth prototypes... It’s a perfect pairing – revealing and celebrating both artists’ materiality.'


'A major retrospective of the little known but influential sculptor opens... complete with social sofas and papier-mâché jokes...Two years on from his death, this exhibition feels like a fitting way to remember him.'

'Survey of the late Viennese artist may be the most tantalising show you'll see this year'.

Royal Academy Blog

'The multiple meanings of West’s witty sculptures are unravelled at The Hepworth Wakefield this summer.'

The Guardian

'Showing the Austrian maverick at the temple to Britain's greatest female sculptor reveals what a complex and joyous artist he was'


'West has thought of everything. This is a show which will immerse you and involve you.'