Barbara Hepworth

Opens Sat 13 May 2017

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'Perhaps what one wants to say is formed in childhood and the rest of one's life is spent trying to say it. I know that all I felt during the early years of my life in Yorkshire is dynamic and constant in my life today.'

This Barbara Hepworth exhibition features over 30 works from our collection, tracing the artist's whole career. Examining Hepworth's early life in Wakefield, her training and the early carvings of the 1920 - 30s, right through to the iconic stringed forms emerging during the 1940s and her later, large-scale marble sculptures.

The exhibiton also features important examples of the full range of material types that she used – cast bronze, stone and wood carvings, paintings, prints and even a screen-printed scarf.

The first public view of Hepworth's personal library

Hepworth's personal library is on display publicly for the first time, curated by Clare Nadal, a collaborative PhD student funded by the University of Huddersfield, to offer an insight into Hepworth's creative inspirations.Hepworth’s books are held by The Hepworth Wakefield as a research resource and reflect a broad array of interests from natural history and mathematics to Zen Buddhism. Many were gifts from artist friends including Ben Nicholson and Herbert Read, William Scott and Isamu Noguchi and contain personal dedications.

A series of events and readings from her library will take place over the summer. Find out more about The Hepworth Book Club.

Images: Barbara Hepworth, Kneeling Figure, 1932. Rosewood. The Hepworth Wakefield Bowness, Hepworth Estate. Photo Normal Taylor. Barbara Hepworth, Pierced Hemisphere, 1937. White marble. The Hepworth Wakefield Bowness, Hepworth Estate. Photo Norman Taylor. Barbara Hepworth, Cone and Sphere, 1973. Marble. The Hepworth Wakefield Bowness, Hepworth Estate


  • 13 May 2017 - 01 January 2018